Humps, Hooks & Bends: Cosmetic Nose Issues Rhinoplasty Can Fix

  • December 27, 2019

When you look at your face in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Do your facial features seem imbalanced or asymmetrical? Are there imperfections on the bridge or at the tip of your nose? Does your nose seem too wide?

If you’re concerned about one or more of these cosmetic nose issues, you could be an excellent candidate for a nose job, technically known as a rhinoplasty. Nose jobs remain one of the most in-demand surgical procedures in the U.S. because of their ability to improve both the appearance and the physical function of the nose.

What Can a Rhinoplasty Do for You?

As a qualified, experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Schmidt can alter your nose by:

  • Reducing or increasing the overall size
  • Removing bumps and bends
  • Straightening a crooked nose
  • Altering the angle between your nose and your upper lip
  • Changing the shape of the tip or bridge
  • Narrowing the span of your nostrils

Since your nose plays both functional and aesthetic roles, you need to find a surgeon who is skilled at manipulating the bone, cartilage, and complex structures inside the nose in a way that preserves both of these purposes. Dr. Schmidt is not only a board-certified plastic surgeon, but he has also trained extensively as an ear, nose, and throat surgeon under a world-renowned leader in the field.

When you choose an expert surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty surgery in Denver, you can rest assured you will enjoy natural-looking results that will preserve the overall balance of your facial anatomy, without ever detracting from your appearance.

What Cosmetic Nose Issues Can Rhinoplasty Fix?

Rhinoplasty surgery can correct several cosmetic nose issues while maintaining your ability to breathe freely through your nose.

1. Facial Symmetry

Most people have some degree of facial asymmetry. However, a nose that noticeably tilts too far to the left or right can make your entire face look imbalanced, especially if your other facial features are arranged proportionately. For many rhinoplasty patients, correcting the alignment of their nose can make all their other facial features, including their mouth, chin, eyes, and forehead, look more in balance relative to each other.

2. Humps, Bends, and Hooks

If the bridge of your nose is crooked and misshapen, it can not only affect the aesthetic appearance of your face, but it can also make it difficult for you to breathe due to restricted air passages. Whether you were born with a prominent bump in the bridge or tip of your nose, or you had a broken nose that healed poorly, Dr. Schmidt can straighten it out and make your nose less prominent.

3. Size

Often, patients who come in for a rhinoplasty consultation complaining that their nose is “too large” are genuinely only concerned about one individual feature of their nose that is out of proportion with the rest. For example, your nose may be straight and symmetrical except for nostrils that flare out too widely, or the tip of your nose could be either pinched or bulbous. During a rhinoplasty, Dr. Schmidt can correct these little imperfections and give you a smaller-looking nose overall.

Expert Rhinoplasty Surgery in Denver

If you have always been self-conscious about your nose, you deserve rhinoplasty that will deliver life-changing outcomes. At Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Schmidt and his team have the expertise and surgical experience to perform complex procedures like rhinoplasty surgery by creating customized treatment plans for each patient. 

Regardless of what cosmetic nose issues you are hoping to resolve, Dr. Schmidt is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your rhinoplasty consultation and start your journey to a nose that suits the rest of your facial features.

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